Deziria is About Love

It’s the love of chocolate, the love of craft, and the love of sharing something sweet

German Recipes Living the American Dream

Growing up in Germany instilled Oniz Birsoy with a deep appreciation of quality chocolate.

But after moving to the United States, she couldn’t find chocolate that lived up to her expectations at a price point everyone could enjoy.

Determined to share her love of chocolate, she fine-tuned a combination of farms, ingredients, processing, packaging, and trade to create the most desired flavor of chocolate for all.

Today, you can find Deziria chocolate on the shelves of a growing number of grocery stores in Utah and beyond, including Walmart, Wholefoods.


Every Bar is Joy-Tested,

With the Certifications to Prove It

Indulging in a high-quality chocolate should bring pleasure without guilt. So, Deziria looks at every aspect, from the cocoa farm to the grocery store shelf, to make sure each step promotes equality and integrity.

Does it make the farmers happy? Pay a fair price.
Some cocoa farmers have never even tasted chocolate. Deziria pays fair market value to make sure farmers can sustain and grow their business.

Does the packaging make the earth happy? Use recycled packaging.
Minimizing the environmental impact by using innovative and renewable sources.

Does the price make customers happy? Priced for everyone to enjoy the finest chocolate.
Most fancy chocolates are priced as a luxury and are cost-prohibitive. Deziria is intentionally priced for everyone to learn to appreciate high-quality chocolate.

Deziria chocolate can be shared with those who look for products that are non-GMO, gluten free, and have no artificial flavors. In addition, check out some of Deziria’s other certifications.


Perhaps you feed it to the one you love tangled in the couch while blue light flickers on the screen, or maybe you savor it all by yourself. Love and chocolate pair well with family road trips, picnics, podcasts, the great outdoors, and snuggling inside on rainy evenings. It’s designed to be the chocolate you reach for over and over again, proving high-quality chocolate doesn’t need to be reserved for special occasions.
High-Quality Chocolate Priced for All Kinds of Love