Our Story

Chocolate was a passion for the founders of Deziria. And that passion paved the way for Deziria to start in 2017 as a local business in Utah, where we dreamed of launching finest quality chocolates that will reach the masses.

That’s how our journey of finding the most desired taste started. After going through a long research around the world, we designated Germany, which is known as the land of premium chocolates, as the first destination of this journey. Deziria chocolates are unique because of our handpicked German recipes, resulting in exceptional taste and distinguishing us from other chocolate companies.  Each of our recipes is conscientiously created to make sure that it embodies not only quality ingredients but delivers a sense of joy and satisfaction to our consumers.

Creating rich and flavorful chocolates is not the end of our journey. We aspire to become a brand people trust with our sustainable business model. Our specialty recipes never contain GMO, artificial ingredients or colors. We are UTZ Certified, because we strongly believe in sustainable farming and support Fair-trade cocoa farming.

Our journey will continue as we connect with more individuals who share our values and who crave new flavor adventures. Deziria produces products we are proud to share with the public because they have grown from a solid foundation of relationships built on trust, high values, and sustainability.