Sustainable Business Model

Yes- it all starts with ‘The Most Desired Taste’ for the best price. But creating rich and flavorful chocolates is not the end of our journey. We aspire to become a brand that people trust with our sustainable business model. Our specialty recipes never contain GMOs, trans-fats, artificial ingredients or colors. We are UTZ Certified, because we strongly believe in sustainable farming and support Fair-trade cocoa farming.

UTZ is the most prestigious organization that supports sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers, their families and our planet. They cover the three pillars of sustainability - people, planet and profit. They empower farmers and help make their businesses more viable.

It is our utmost priority to assure our consumers about our quality standards. You may find below a list of our certificates.  

Deziria is UTZ Certified for Fair TradeDeziria is UDAF Certified